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More than Capable

Imagine a company where every team member is empowered to act in the best interest of the client. Each is educated and informed, working from a detailed and well-researched project plan. Familiar with multiple aspects of communication systems, and project management in general, they are able to evaluate the impact of any changes to that plan should problems arise. Because issues are addressed on site near the source by qualified technicians and project leaders, the delay and additional cost of involving upper level team members is avoided. The clients needs are anticipated where possible and addressed in every phase of the project. That's the company that the founders of SiteWise envisioned in 2007. That's the company we are today.

Most companies agree that people are your most important asset, although it's our experience that few companies treat them that way. SiteWise focuses on hiring only people who are over-qualified for the jobs they are expected to perform, with experience in multiple aspects of project fulfillment. This broad range of industry skills and depth of knowledge facilitates timely and precise execution in all aspects of project development. With strong emphasis on engineering, the project team correctly anticipates the needs of the installer in the field and provides the complete set of resources needed for a smooth installation. The installer understands critical items in the project timeline and adequately adjusts to unexpected issues to avoid changes to the schedule. This is the advantage SiteWise brings to our projects. While minimally-trained technicians are competent to do their jobs, they are not capable of making effective decisions outside of their area of expertise. Project managers without engineering experience aren't likely to respond to a last-minute design change without extensive communication with the engineering team. In today's economy, there is little room for administrative overhead. By hiring smart, well-seasoned employees SiteWise gains efficiency and increases the overall quality of our service.

Key Players

Paul Neukam is a co-founder of SiteWise and currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. Educated in mechanical engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Paul began his career in the contract automotive manufacturing industry. In 1997, he joined a leading Midwestern technology integration firm where he earned the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI*) Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) designation. After working in technology management, consulting and installation for more than a decade, Paul founded SiteWise in 2008.

Terri Neukam has been an integral part of SiteWise since its founding. After receiving her education at Indiana University, Terri spent the majority of her career at the Northwood Good Samaritan Society, where she worked in business office administration and as the director of social services. Her responsibilities enabled Terri to cultivate a diverse business background, including experience in staff development and training, management of investment funds, and business accounting. Responsible for the overall direction of SiteWise, Terri oversees human resources, safety and regulatory compliance, marketing and accounting.